• Monica Fauble

The Art Within Medicine

I’m constantly surprised, in a great way, by the people I work with. Someone can come in one week with anxiety and the next week with knee pain. I know that someone is starting to feel better when the smaller complaints start getting voiced.

When I did my acupuncture school interview, I said that I wanted to never be bored. And y’all can bet that I have NEVER have a boring day in my acupuncture practice EVER. The practice of medicine keeps me completely engaged with the unfolding of life. That’s one of the gifts that this beautiful system of medicine has brought into my life and the lives of the people I work with.

The humility of medicine is that the practitioner and the patient are both working with subtlety. Clients often describe a set of symptoms or an experience and then check in: “Does that make sense? Do you know what I mean?”

Sometimes I use sound or hand motions to try to understand how people are feeling internally. It’s essential that I understand what’s happening, both clinically, but even more so because it is SO HEALING to feel heard and understood.

A colleague recently shared this essay about art and medicine with me. It contains an amazing quote attributed to Voltaire.

“Voltaire defined the art of medicine as entertaining the patient while nature cures the patient.”

I did some fact-checking to be safe and found that the quote is actually more likely:

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”

Nature, in Five Element Acupuncture, is a mirror of yourself. Just as there are rainy days and sunny days externally, so too are there rainy days and cloudy days and windy days and scorching hot days within us. We are part of nature and we cycle through many seasons in each day and throughout our life. We are always seeking to regulate our own internal environment; this allows us to find a sense of harmony and calm so that we can weather the external storms.

A good acupuncturist will do more than amuse you, though I must also admit that there is no healing without some sense of equilibrium or joy.

A good acupuncturist will cry with you, sit with you, wait with you, and engage with you so that you can leverage all of your internal juju to live a life you love.

If this sounds like something you’ve been craving, reach out to me to schedule a free consult. We will talk about what you’re wanting and I will help you figure out if I’m the best fit to support you on your journey.

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