• Monica Fauble

Remember to Return to Your Heart


Summer is HOT. And summer is generally the most social time of year! Sometimes the intensity of expending so much energy with potlucks, bbqs, picnics, concerts, and even vacations can start to wear us down.

That’s why it’s necessary to come back to our own experience and to move through this season of maximum expansion (maximum heat and light) with an awareness of what we really need.

While it feels wonderful to expand outwards, to enjoy more daylight and perhaps a more jam-packed social schedule, it’s also essential that we return to ourselves.

Yoga is one way that I return to my own experience and remind myself to move only as deeply into a particular posture as feels right for me.

What can you do this summer to spend some time solo and recharge?

Maybe you want to skip a social outing and stay in with a good book. Or a cool shower. Or your favorite pet.

Drop me a line and let me know how you balance the heat and activity of this super busy season.

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