• Monica Fauble

BEE Grateful

This spring, I learned that it takes one thousand, one hundred, and fifty two bees (1,152!!!!) to make just one pound of honey. The average bee makes only 1/12 a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. To make one pound of honey, TWO MILLION flowers must be visited by the worker bees!

Sweetness is a special commodity that our culture tends to take for granted. We have corn syrup and beet sugar and cane sugar and coconut sugar and honey and maple syrup and agave nectar and stevia and all sorts of other natural and artificial sweeteners easily available almost anywhere we look.

I hung this sign on my honey to remind me to be mindful to not overindulge in the sweet taste.

We are coming into late summer now and it’s the season of the earth element in Chinese Medicine. Earth means soil means harvest means abundance! Turn to nature now to satiate your deepest needs. The fruits and vegetables are practically dripping from the vines. Enjoy the natural sweetness of the farmer’s market and steer clear of added sugar.

Steering clear of added sugar is especially important (and perhaps easier right now since nature is so abundant) during this late summer season. Late summer is associated with dampness in Chinese Medicine, and it’s dampness that makes us feel foggy and groggy and heavy and slow.

Dampness accumulates from sluggish digestion, over-indulging in sweet foods, and lack of exercise. Avoiding or reducing sugar is the easiest way to combat the dampness that comes with humidity!

If you’re having trouble kicking the sugar habit, acupuncture can help you rebalance so that you can reduce your cravings. If you’re ready and willing to start making dietary changes, having an acupuncturist review what you’re eating and your overall health can give you a powerful advantage in identifying what changes might help you get your energy back.

Reach out to me if you would like to learn more about this!

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