• Monica Fauble

Bit by Bit

My acupuncturist and I were recently talking about compost.

I carry my kitchen scraps to a friend’s backyard every week or so to compost them. Compost piles might look fairly inert, apart from any surface activity, but it’s actually the underneath, the unseen layers, where all the action is.

Beneath the pile of freshly-added scraps, microbes and bacteria are breaking down waste into soil. Gradually, gradually, everything melts and crumbles back into nutrient-rich earth.

While composting might seem painstakingly slow, it’s important to remember that it’s hard to always SEE the progress you’re making. The piling up of soil comes layer by layer by layer by layer.

It’s in the repetition, and in the act of continuing to find the faith to move forward, that the magic in our lives can be made.

There are two ways to ensure that the garden bed of your life is nutrient-rich.

One, you can continue the act of composting. Of letting go, moment by moment, of self-defeating thoughts and habits and behaviors. Maybe you stop at the store one less time to buy ice cream. That’s a victory. And while it might seem miniscule, it’s the little things (repeated) that carry the most power.

The second option to add fertile soil to your life, is consciously choosing activities and thoughts and environments that promote a sense of health and vitality for you as a unique individual. You can decide to spend time with a nourishing friend. You can take that walk or drink that glass of water. It really is the little things that make our lives abundant.

Most of us are combining letting go and building up, and that combination will promote fertile ground for sure. The going can be slow.

Sometimes the soil gets stepped on or packed down or just doesn’t look that lively. But no effort of yours to promote a sense of wellbeing is ever wasted.

This late summer (the season of the harvest, of fertility and abundance and nature), as we slip towards autumn-time (the season of compost and letting go), I encourage you to take three minutes each day to reflect on what you might let go of and what you might continue to do to help you build the most beautiful foundation for your precious life.

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