• Monica Fauble

Refresh Your Self

The Lung (Chinese Medicine uses the singular to refer to the two lungs) is said to be the “Commander of the Qi” which helps to set the rhythms for our body, mind, and spirit. In this way, the Lung, our posture, and how we are breathing, sets the tone for our entire lived experience. When the breath slows, we feel steady and at ease. When we stand up straight but without tension, we feel powerful and strong. When the breath compresses, quickens, or is held, we start to feel panicky and fast, and we enter a fight-or-flight nervous system response. It’s really that simple. The next time you are feeling angry or scared or anxious, notice what your breath is doing. Steady your breath by deepening your inhales and exhales. Slow the breath down and breathe from your low belly rather than your chest. Even taking just three deep breaths can help you find a sense or real relief. Remembering to breath isn’t always easy, but the immediate relief from steadying the breath can be profound. In our next post, I will talk more about the functions of the Lung, but for now, I wanted to help you remember to breathe! We’re in the best season of all to enjoy the cool, crisp air. May autumn grant you many treasures! I made a three minute video with a simple breathing exercise from yoga that you can try at home, work, or even in your car to help you slow down and find relief from any sense of anxiety or speed.