• Monica Fauble

Inspire: Breathe In, Connect, Create

We’re in the time of year (autumn) associated with the organs of the Lung (Chinese Medicine uses the singular to refer to the two lungs) and the Large Intestine.

While autumn is a season of decline, it’s also a season of great inspiration. The leaves flash their most beautiful colors before they die off and drop down. Nature makes a grand show as the passing of this season propels us to make more time to reflect and retreat.

Autumn is naturally a little melancholic. The associated emotion of autumn in Chinese Medicine theory is grief. The scale of our grief is related to the scale of how much we value something or someone. Grief is sharp when we lose something or someone we love. Less so when we let go of something that we don’t really feel connected to as much.

Both the Lung and the Large Intestine help us to weigh and measure what to hold onto and what to let go of. While the Large Intestine is excellent at letting go, the Lung is linked to inspiration. The root of inspiration “inspire” refers to the action of taking in air through the lungs.

Inspiration also helps us to connect to creativity, to spirituality, to a sense of something greater than just us, and to individual expression. This is a perfect time of year to journal, to cook, bake, quilt, draw, paint, to generally express and create.

If autumn feels empty or heavy to you, I would like to invite you to reflect on what brings you a sense of self-expression or a connection to your values and beliefs? What invites you into your own unique in-breath? What encourages you to reflect and connect?

Autumn is an amazing time of year to take time for activities that are deeply meaningful to you. It’s a great time of year to dust off your sewing machine (that’s one of my autumn goals), to meditate, to enjoy cozy, self-reflective activities that help you feel plugged-in.

What would help you bring a greater sense of inspiration, and appreciation, into this very special season? Drop me a note and let me know!

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