• Monica Fauble

Write Someone A Love Letter

I recently walked around the West Philly coffee shops to hang flyers for my “Winter, Rest” yoga workshop. (You can see details here.)

While I was hanging flyers, I was removing the flyers from my “Intro to Acupuncture” event, which was already done at that point. At Milk & Honey cafe, I found this little note written on my flyer:

“She’s kind, attentive & awesome. I’m a client.”

It was so sweet to receive a secret endorsement. I took the flyer off the bulletin board and brought it home with me.

Winter is the time of the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine. The Kidneys store our “jing,” which is our inheritance at birth. Your jing holds your DNA and your life plan. In winter, we have a special opportunity to turn inwards and reflect on how we want to live.

Most meditation traditions focus the attention below the navel and that’s exactly the area where the Kidneys reside. This area is also the place where our center of gravity, our core, resides. And this is where the Root Chakra, 1st Chakra, lives, according to yogic philosophy. The 1st Chakra is all about stability and security. And the Kidneys help us to stabilize our energy reserves and to work with adrenaline and fear.

Because the Kidneys live within the deepest watery depths of our torso, the job of the Heart in Chinese Medicine is to shine down and illuminate our deepest hopes and fears, to bring our being into the light.

The illumination of the Heart can help us to identify what we really want, what our deepest wish is.

This winter, inspired by the note on my flyer, I would love to encourage you to shine a light for someone you love. Write a note to a friend, a colleague, a family member, your favorite barista, anyone who has touched your heart recently. Take the time to be the light for someone else by sharing something that you love about that person.

Write this note by hand and mail it or hand it to someone or, if the mailing part is going to hold you back from delivering it, simply take a photo of the note and send an email or a text. Make it easy for yourself to deliver some illumination this winter for someone who you care about.

If you celebrate holidays and are coming up short on what to get someone, a letter might be far more valuable than anything else you could give.

I’m wishing you a wonderful winter, full of watery depths and much light.

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