• Monica Fauble

May you bring yourself many blessings in 2020.

The ancient Masters

didn't try to educate the people,

but kindly taught them to not-know.

When they think that they know the answers,

people are difficult to guide.

When they know that they don't know,

people can find their own way.

If you want to learn how to govern,

avoid being clever or rich.

The simplest pattern is the clearest.

Content with an ordinary life,

you can show all people the way

back to their own true nature.

~Tao Te Ching chapter 65 by Lao Tzu, translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English

This winter, may you find the courage to sit in the unknown portions of yourself. To know what truly drives you and to move closer to the source of your own being.

May 2020 be a year of perseverance, patience, and great wonder for you.

Happy new year.

Love, Monica

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