• Monica Fauble

A NEW Acupuncture Service

Time and time again, Chinese Medicine has shown itself ready for the challenge of presenting ancient solutions to modern medicine conundrums.

While surgery existed 3,000 years ago, I’m guessing was much more of a last resort than a common medical intervention. But in this age of modern medicine, surgery and surgical scars are very common in my acupuncture practice.

I’ve been helping patients lately with a wide variety of surgical scars, from top surgery to c-sections to liver surgery to laparoscopic fibroid surgery to knee surgery to accidents that produced significant scar tissue because of impact.

While scars themselves aren’t a problem per se, scar tissue often forms “adhesions” (basically the connective tissue binds up and stiffens) which produce tightness, restriction, redness, mobility issues, and sometimes, depending on the location of the scar, difficulty breathing.

By gentling sliding acupuncture needles beneath the scar tissue, it’s possible to promote healing of the scar tissue so that the scars begin to flatten and settle rather than the tissue being raised or stretched or stuck.

This not only improves the appearance of the scar, it also allows the body to promote healing of the tissue beneath.

I myself have had surgery four times and have benefited from acupuncture as a recovery method years and years after these surgeries occured.

Slipping needles beneath the scar tissue can also help to resolve trauma held at the site of the scar. Patients often exhale or cry when receiving this gentle and effective intervention.

My first scar treatment was 20 years after one of my surgeries (one which hadn’t gone particularly well in that the results were not what I expected). I was surprised to find myself shaking on the treatment table. I hadn’t realized that I was still holding so much restriction and sadness at the site of that scar.

Acupuncture is an embodied therapy that can help us to resolve past trauma and grief. Helping people reconnect to themselves is (I believe) acupuncture’s greatest gift.

Because I love working with scars and scar tissue, I recently decided to offer scar sessions as a stand-alone 45 minute session on a sliding scale of $45-95. You decide what to pay, no questions asked, any amount that you offer within this suggested scale will be gratefully received.

These short and simple scar healing sessions are now listed as a service on my website. Click here to read more.

This is a great way to try out acupuncture and experience the magic for yourself.

Here’s what one patient wrote after I helped her with a scar from a cycling accident:

“Wow! My scar got significantly better after just a day! The scar tissue is a lot less pronounced and the redness is less too! The acupuncture helped heal my scar a lot better than that ointment did. Thank you so much! I guess I didn’t realize how much I cared until it started to get better!”

If you have scars, old or new, that you would like to have treated, please reach out to me to schedule or discuss. No scar is too old, but scars that were received less than 6-8 weeks ago may be too new. The exception here would be a not-very-deep scar (like this cycling accident scar, which we started treating fairly soon after this person received it).

May this spring invite you into a deeper connection with yourself.