• Monica Fauble

Coronavirus Prevention Tips From Chinese Medicine

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that my acupuncture practice will be temporarily closed, effective immediately, until Friday March 27th. As of right now, I do plan to see patients on 3/27 in Center City. If that plan changes, I will contact scheduled patients individually to reschedule.

In an effort to ensure (as best I can) the health of myself and those people I care for, I’ve decided to self-isolate for a period of roughly two weeks.

To limit my exposure to spaces I’m not normally in, and to crowds, I canceled my “Spring, Rise” workshop at Maha Yoga and I haven’t taken SEPTA in almost a month now. Walking to and from my Center City office has had a positive impact on my overall health.

If you are scheduled between now and 3/26, I will be in touch to help you reschedule.

Acupuncture is awesome for boosting immunity, working with anxiety and fear, and calming the nervous system, but I feel that the overall benefits of seeing patients right now will likely be outweighed by the collective risk.

I’ve been holding back on adding to the chorus of “Coronavirus emails” because getting so many “wash your hands” emails (which I even received from two different banks!!) was feeling like too much for me and my nervous system. I didn’t want to chime into a growing genre of probably-well-intentioned messages that were likely to produce additional anxiety and fear.

But, if there was ever a time to self-isolate, I decided that it makes the most sense to do that now, along with the school system state-wide and many area employers.

And while we all know not to touch our faces, to avoid hugs, I do actually have more tips from Chinese Medicine beyond the proverbial handwashing that I very much wanted to share.

This article from one of my favorite acupuncture practitioners, Heiner Freuhauf, has many helpful tips, including gargling with salt water and some ideas about the use of essential oils. (I’m personally not an essential oil person--there is only so much time to learn about different methods--but maybe oils are your thing!)

I also wanted to add that we need to reestablish a collective vision of healing and of hope. It’s spring, the season of hope and of renewal. This may not feel like a hopeful time, but the light is returning and the plants are beginning to bud.

As many of us will end up cloistered in the relative confinement of our individual homes, how can you illuminate and reconnect to what you care about most? What or whom would you like to shine a light on? In the coming weeks, what can you do to listen internally, to be your own guide, to bring a bit of your own inner light out into this confusing and uncertain time?

This is a great time to sink in, to pull back, and to take care of yourself. Journal, sleep, dream, imagine, maybe read a book!

I just finished the memoir Educated by Tara Westover, which was worth the six-month wait for the ebook from The Free Library. I love reading memoirs because they allow me to reflect on my own life and how I want to live.

One of my lasting impressions from Educated was how deeply we are shaped by the people who raise us, by our family structures, by the culture of the people around us, by our friends.

While we don’t have a choice about our family structure as children, we can decide who to spend time with as we get older. As we find our inner strength, we can make choices about who to connect with, and we can seek out other people who help to lift us up.

May all of us use this time to reconnect internally so that we can lift each other up.

Grow towards the light.