• Monica Fauble

Free Workshop to Help you Open and Heal Your Heart

An acupuncturist I studied with (online) a few weeks ago recently said that the biggest side-effect of this pandemic might be loss of heart. It's so easy to feel sickened and despairing lately. Even as restrictions on stay-at-home orders begin to lift, there's still a lot of restriction in the heart. In light of this, I decided to offer my Summer Alignment Workshop for free online. Donations will be accepted, but if you don't want to pay or feel that you can't, please come anyways if you're interested. We will spend 30 minutes or so talking about the energy of summer (the season of joy in Chinese Medicine) then we will do a super-gentle yoga practice and some heart-opening breathing and embodiment exercises. The workshop should be soothing and comforting. I'm hoping that we can all take this time together to plug into our own hearts and to learn how to connect to our collective shared heart, the consciousness that weaves us all together. Info can be seen here. This event will be offered on Zoom. I will enable a virtual "waiting room" and let people in one by one (so please arrive either early or on time).

Please feel free to share this workshp widely. This migt be a perfect opportunity to attend with a friend or a loved one who is geographically far in terms of time and space.

If you have questions, as always, please reach out! I will hope to see you on Sunday June 14th!