• Monica Fauble

Immerse yourself in this very moment.

It’s easy to multitask and miss the moment. Especially if you’re busy. Especially if you’re overwhelmed. Especially if you feel stressed, squeezed, or drained by life’s demands.

This desire to rush ahead, to plow through, to implement, play, grow, GO!!, is heightened in springtime according to Chinese Medicine theory. Spring is the season or action and implementation; it’s a whole new cycle of the year.

This year in particular, many of us are feeling especially impatient to “get on with it already,” to resume life, to vacation, to actually see the faces of the people you love who maybe aren’t in your pod.

But with this rushing we risk missing the moment, missing the experience of right now.

It’s tempting to think that’s not a big deal, especially if what we’re rushing is something we’ve identified as mundane or meaningless or even unpleasant. Cleaning the toilet, mopping the floor, scooping up cat poop.

But these moments too ARE MIRACLES. These moments too are our lives!!! If you’re feeling me, let’s collectively pledge to not miss them anymore.

If you’re feeling fried or frayed or just plain fatigued, slow down. Rest. Assess. Be with yourself.

It’s possible to welcome yourself back to your body, back to the present moment time and time again.

The cat shit, the sticky floors, the weird debris when you remove the storm windows and put in your window screens to allow in the light and fresh air, each of these are offerings of this life you’ve built for yourself.

May we welcome each moment and surrender to the power of presence right now.