• Monica Fauble

It's Time to Simplify! (And, join me on Thanksgiving.)

A few months before COVID, I created then ordered 1,000 (because it was so much cheaper) double-sided brochures with the tagline “It’s Time to Simplify!”

This is one of my life mottos/themes. Simplification, for me, creates space, beauty, ease and potential.

I like to ask myself: What is the simplest, most straight-forward, least painful/conflicted way of being in this context? How can I help someone figure out what is REALLY holding them back? How can I make the next step forward digestible, reasonable, and helpful, at the same time?

Autumn is, in many ways, the simplest time of year. As the leaves lose their trees, we can see the structure of the branches.

The days are dark. There is less time to squander.

We become aware of how precious the illumination of the sun is. We are encouraged to let go of all of the excess of spring and summer and focus on the next steps for right now.

With Thanksgiving looking like it won’t happen for many of us, I’m offering a 45-minute yoga class (on Zoom) on Thanksgiving morning from 9:00-9:45am from my “Breathe and Be” series. We will lengthen and expand and fill our whole being with the breath. No yoga experience needed. I’m keeping it simple for us all.

And for those of you wanting some extra support around the holiday, here’s my acupuncture schedule for Thanksgiving week schedule:

Monday 11/23: Center City 1-7pm

Tuesday 11/24: West Philly 4:30-8pm

Wednesday 11/25: West Philly 9-11am and Center City 1-7pm

Thursday 11/26: Closed, just offering yoga on Zoom

Friday 11/27: Center City 10-3pm

Telemedicine Patients: I can pop you in at whatever time we both feel good about

I would love to have you with me for yoga, if that feels right to you. You can turn your camera on or off. Say hi or not. Not even do the yoga and just do the opening breathing and grounding parts. Bring your kids, or not. Join me for five minutes then sign off. Please feel encouraged to invite friends and family in your own house or far away.

There’s no cost to come be with me. But if you want to Venmo me (@MonicaFauble) or Paypal me ( it’s appreciated but not expected.

The Meeting ID (just type that into Zoom, no password) is: (please contact me for the Zoom link)

I’m hoping that the space I create on Thanksgiving morning will be a blessing for us all.

In the meantime, regardless of what “holidays” you are acknowledging or not, I would love to invite you back to the breath, back to yourself, as you ponder “what can I simplify (refine) today?”

Be well.