• Monica Fauble

Let's slow down and simmer.

As we turn towards summer, nature invites us to relax. Summer is the season of maximum warmth,more energy, the full flowering of our lives.

In my last newsletter, I encouraged you to calm the multitasking and return to the moment.

Today I want to keep that theme going with a story about my recently-acquired quilting habit.

My nephew Gabriel (who will be three in November) seems to recently have settled on sharks as his favorite animal. He can even identify shark breeds and he taught me what a Mako shark is!! (Or, at leas, I now know that there is such a thing as a Mako shark).

A friend of mine just started quilting during the pandemic and is making the most amazing quilts! I decided to make Gabe a toddler-sized shark quilt for his new big-boy bed.

And wow did I go into so many hours of what my husband and I call “YouTube University.” It was actually really soothing to watch women (and the occasional man) fold and sew and iron fabric online.

I also learned all sorts of new vocabulary and can now tie a quilter’s knot and pop my thread to hide it in the batting.

Once I had enough information, and all my supplies gathered, I finally began to sew. The stitching was peaceful, though fairly uneven (I haven’t sewn much in awhile). I definitely have “wavy borders” but I’m relying on Gabriel to be so stoked about the sharks that he won’t see anything else.

Because I truly don’t know that much about making a quilt, there was near constant stopping and starting (to return to YouTube/Google) that I started getting stressed.

Once I realized that I was feeling what researchers call “attention residue” (the lag in cognition that occurs when jumping from task to task, like me moving from cutting to YouTube to sewing then back to YouTube again), I decided to just enjoy each little portion of the process.

Being willing to immerse yourself in the right now can be immensely soothing when you’ve got a big project (like a quilt or a new diet or an exercise plan) in front of you.

Being willing to relax into what you’re doing at that moment and to enjoy this process no matter what will produce big gains in your contentment and your sense of presence. And that will add to your motivation to keep it up.

This summer, I hope that the sweetness of this season carries you forward to connect with more joy and greater satisfaction in what life offers you in this very moment.

Feeling anxious or edgy and wanting to relax and reconnect? Reach out to talk about how acupuncture can help you heal.

Happy start of summer.