• Monica Fauble

Let yourself shine this summer.

This tiny neighborhood cat, whose name is Pumpkin, is currently my favorite West Philly feline. His little scrunchie/court jester collar is SO audacious that it always makes me giggle. Even though he is ALWAYS wearing it (and I’ve never even seen him without it!), the sight of this cat in a rainbow collar never ceases to amaze and delight me. It’s ridiculously enormous compared to his sleek little frame.

Pumpkin also wears a GIANT cowbell around his neck, so that you can hear him coming from half a block away.

The collar and the cow(cat)bell are both attempts to save the local bird population from ambush, but Pumpkin’s “dad” told me that he still manages to do his thing and bring two dead birds to their house per week.

Though Pumpkin clearly isn’t waking up in the morning and putting on his enormous 80s-style collar by choice, his lack of self-consciousness reminds me how impressive and reassuring it is when any being shows up authentically, unafraid to be exactly who they are.

Between the incessant jinglong and the rainbow, Pumpkin couldn’t hide if he wanted to. And yet he still manages to surprise the local birds (poor birds!). The way Pumpkin gallops straight towards me, ringing all the way, when I walk down the street gives me the feeling he’s not at all embarrassed to be swaddled in rainbows and bells.

Summer is the season associated with the organ of the Heart and the element of Fire in Chinese Medicine theory. This season is all about connection and vulnerability and the warmth of nourishing relationships.

This is a great season to wear your favorite rainbow scrunchie, the one that makes you feel good even if you’re slightly embarrassed. This is the season to let yourself shine, to encourage yourself to show up and to embrace with reckless abandon all of the components that make you feel more connected to yourself.

In addition to this heightened potential for connection, with more light and the long summer days, summer can also be the season that brings up so much vulnerability. In the heat of the sun, we’re more physically exposed (bathing suits, crop tops, or just plain old shorts) and sometimes this can bring up feelings of shame.

After being cooped up for so long, many people are feeling isolated and scared about social connections. If you’re not a crop-top type, no need to push yourself, but let’s all agree that we will show up this summer as our most authentic selves.

May you shine on all summer long. And may we all be the light for each other.



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