• Monica Fauble

Light Up Your Life This Summer

In other news,summertime is at its peak with the recent Summer Solstice. Summer in Chinese Medicine is associated with the “Fire” phase of life.

The Fire phase is all about peak experience, maturity, ripening. Summer is usually that time of year when we succumb to the warmth of the sun, stretch out, loosen up, and enjoy our accomplishments.

But this year, summer might feel radically different. The enjoyment of summer is by the spring, the season before it, that time of year where we plant seeds and begin to grow towards our vision.

With COVID, many of us are feeling lost, confused, uncertain, and many of us may have forgotten or temporarily lost our life direction as our lives may have radically shifted and might even be continuing to rearrange themselves with new surprises, new challenges, new obstacles at a breakneck speed.

The “green” phase in Philadelphia is filling many of my clients with dread. Will the virus resurge? How and when will I feel safe going outside again?

As we navigate these challenges and these new normals together, I invite all of you to dip back into springtime with me. Our spring was cut short or didn’t really seem to happen at all for some of us.

If you’re feeling lost, confused, unsure, un-ripened this summer, take a few moments to strengthen your resolve by envisioning your plan for the upcoming day (or, if you can see ahead a little bit more than that, the upcoming month or year). Zoom out and gain some perspective then ask yourself what steps you need to take next (springtime is all about initiating new growth and planning) and how you can relax into them (spread and lounge like summer).

Summer might not look anything like what you expect this year. But we all have the opportunity to strengthen our connection to the contentment and warmth of the Fire element by taking a step back and making sure that you are ripening towards a life you want to live.

The glow and heat of a Fire, that brings transformation, is fed by the Wood element (the Springtime element where we plant seeds and start to grow). Take the vision inherent in the springtime to grow towards the light this summer.

And take the time to grieve what you’ve lost. We are all being asked to rewrite and revise our visions. This is both beautiful and incredibly painful. The world is asking us to radically reassess what “business as usual” looks like for us, as individuals, and as a culture.

We have this chance to come together now, to rewrite, to relearn, to open up to each other. To find that we are all one.

Opening through the window of the Heart is the supreme offering of summer.

May you feel connected and tuned in to yourself, to your life, to our world, and to each other.