• Monica Fauble

Making Space for the Light

A sad thing happened late this winter. And this sad thing turned out to be a blessing.

Remember all of those storms that blew through so furiously these past few months? Those storms caused a lot of trees right behind my house to either fall over (narrowly missing the roof!) or wobble so much that it was unsafe to leave them teetering in the ground.

My landlord sent someone to saw down tree after tree after tree. I loved those trees, so I was sad about their loss. And I was also really worried about my squirrel friends (who are now enjoying some fallen logs; nature is amazingly adaptable).

But the removal of those trees made room for the unfiltered light, and seeing the vast empty space of my backyard encouraged me to finally build a raised-bed garden in the full sun of my new backyard.

I invited the other women in my building to collaborate with me and now we’ve gone from no trees to a ready-garden!

Sometimes it’s within the loss that we find new potential.

If you have suffered a loss lately, please grieve. And maybe, over time, a blessing might emerge from that transition.

May we all return to the light this Spring.

Much love to you, as always,