• Monica Fauble

Pace Yourself.

We’re in a marathon, not a sprint, with COVID-19. Pace yourself friends. Don’t rush to get everything done. I’ve personally found that I can’t attempt my pre-COVID-19 “output” and not feel panicky. The pace of life is suddenly more like molasses or honey.

There’s suddenly “nothing,” and “everything,” to be “done.”

Be kind to yourself during these trying times. If you need to continue being “productive,” focus on what you must absolutely do, and pull back from anything that’s not essential right now.

If you find yourself struggling, try to find something meaningful, an action or gesture that will help you connect with a sense of contribution and purpose each day.

Give yourself time to breathe, to be afraid, to be anxious.

Give yourself time to grieve, to mourn, to savor, to enjoy.

As you’re able, find the joy, the beauty, the opportunities within this sacred pause.

My partner Hanbit recently published this series of “Spring Vignettes” from our walks in West Philly. The April that never was can be reminisced upon here.

May each of us find a connection to our own inner light.

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