• Monica Fauble

Soften Your Heart Space

Take a deep breath anytime you’re feeling uncertain or unsure.

I’ve been finding that returning to my breath and returning to my heart space are amongst two of the most important practices to help me stay sane.

Today, I would like to offer you a practice that you can complete if you find yourself anxious or drifting or simply unsure. This is another practice brought to me by the acupuncturist Thea Elijah during the workshop I completed on Zoom a few weeks ago.

The simple instruction is to take a few deep breaths and bring one fist over your heart. Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist.

Then, continue breathing and feel into the space beneath your fist. Does your heart feel clenched or free? Can you invite yourself to relax your heart, just 2-3%?

Keep breathing down into your pelvis, drop your weight into your seat, send your shoulder blades down the back, back of the head and sides of the throat back.

Continue inviting your heart space to open, to melt, to relax.

There’s no need to force your heart open. By returning to your heart and inviting yourself to relax into the sensations you notice in your heart space, you can easily invite you back to your own heart, back to our own collective oneness.

I made a video for you demonstrating this process.

May you relax and enjoy.