• Monica Fauble

Stay Sane During a Global Pandemic

Life is not the same for any of us right now, and yet life also continues.

The squirrels are busy digging up nuts. The dogs of America must be overjoyed to have their people home. And my 16-month-old nephew can now climb a hill without tumbling backwards.

As the pandemic continues raging, I’m reminded that my life is happening *right now.* The central question I’ve been working with lately is: “How can I rest back into myself?”

When the anxiety and worry about the future start to surge, I bring myself back to the breath, back to this moment.

With relatively unstructured days, my morning routine has become more essential than ever.

I wake up every morning and fiercely DON’T check the news right away.

First, I drink water. Then I meditate/pray. I spend a few minutes with legs up the wall or with a makeshift bolster (a rolled-up blanket) beneath my shoulder blades in a heart bench.

I do my best to start my day taking care of myself so that I can set the tone for what’s to come.

I’m trying (but not always succeeding) to keep a set sleep schedule so that I don’t feel like I’m drifting through space and time.

Before bed, I check the livestream page on Studio 34’s website and write down the class I want to take the following day on a post it note which I leave on my kitchen table. I also set a calendar reminder in case I flake out.

I encourage you to use this pandemic time to slow down, to sink in, to take care of yourself and the people you care about.

I’ve been enjoying zoom and FaceTime sessions with family and friends.

As of Tuesday, I will start teaching yoga online at 8am every Tuesday and Wednesday morning for an hour for my home studio, Studio 34. Please join me. It’s totally free! And, if you’re able to donate to the studio, please do so through their Go Fund Me page.

I also uploaded a simple 30-minute mat yoga class and a 45-minute chair/wall practice to my YouTube page. These were classes I hosted for my colleagues at Drexel University.

All of these classes are family-friendly. Feel free to join in if it serves you.

May these dark days somehow allow you to connect to your own inner light.

Be well and don’t forget to breathe deeply.