• Monica Fauble

The Winds of Change

Spring is the season of “wind” in Chinese Medicine. The breeze picks up and it can get blustery out there! This outward windy movement can sometimes be mirrored internally as well. There’s a tendency in spring to feel stirred up, maybe even unsteady.

That’s because spring is the season of rapid growth! A plant or flower needs a lot of PUSH to make it through the frozen ground. Once the momentum of springtime takes over, it can be hard to change directions or reset your course.

That’s why it’s essential to know what you are growing towards.

What would you like to manifest in this brand new cycle of the year?

Take some time this spring to settle. Meditate, journal, daydream, and imagine what you want to manifest.

So the next time that it’s windy out, you can use that current to take you towards your growth edge.

Are you feeling dizzy, unsteady, have a head cold, or do you just generally feel weird? Acupuncture can help you to stabilize. Connect with me here and we can set up a time to talk.

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Happy Spring!