• Monica Fauble

Working within Cycles: Creation, Maintenance & Destruction

In Hindu mythology, the universe is constantly cycling through three stages: creation, maintenance, and destruction.

Most of us love creation, but shy away from destruction, and don’t give much thought to maintenance as we move through our daily lives.

While creation is very alluring, it’s the maintenance (what we do most of the time), and even the destruction (what we let go), that contributes most to our overall well-being or lack thereof.

It’s not what we do once in awhile but the behaviors that we repeat daily (sleep, exercise, food, quiet time, relationships) that help us to either enhance our health or move further out of balance.

As we transition from late summer (the time of the Earth element in Chinese Medicine theory) to autumn (the time of the Metal element), we are moving from maintenance (bringing in the harvest) to decline (as nature moves closer to dormancy).

This transition will naturally produce grief (and that’s ok, take the time to receive those feelings of loss within yourself), and it will also sharpen our capacity to decide what to cling to and preserve and what to let go of and let drop.

Autumn often feels like a brand new cycle of the year to me, though technically it’s not. The Chinese/lunar calendar begins in spring, which, like autumn, is a transition season, a pivot between the full contraction of wintertime and the full blossoming of summer.

Autumn is an excellent time to reassess what you want to keep and what you want to let go of. To snuggle up next to decline and to ask yourself what you’re holding onto and why, and if it’s actually serving you anymore.

One of the things I love in my practice is helping people get clear on why they’re doing what they’re doing and assessing how those behaviors serve them, or not.

Lately, I’ve been working with several new Telemedicine (Self-care Strayegy) patients. We’re working through creating personalized self care plans which we then can then tweak and adjust as we move forward. I often begin conversations about self-care in the creation phase by asking people what they are moving towards and why they want to take care of themselves to begin with.

Once we have a clear mission statement/focus, the maintenance becomes easier to maintain because it has a real purpose, and the destruction of habits that weren’t so helpful happens naturally as self-care starts to root and new patterns of sleep, quiet time, and exercise begin to pattern in.

If you’re feeling stuck and need some support identifying how you could come to your own aid, consider booking a Telemedicine (Self-care Strategy Session) appointment with me. One silver lining of COVID has been that I can work with people virtually who live multiple time zones away.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with me for either Telemedicine or Acupuncture, please check out these recent Google reviews (see the box on the right). I’m including a few snippets below.

“She is incredibly wise, present, and invested in my personal healing.”

“I have struggled with intensely painful periods, multiple concussions, and profound anxiety for about 15 years and with her support, I have had nearly painless periods, my anxiety has been consistently lower than it ever has, and my concussion effects have dramatically decreased.”

“Her appointments have become an integral part of my nonnegotiable self care routine and personal investment.”

“i feel so comfortable with her, i trust her completely, and i walk away from every session feeling supported, connected and inspired on top of my body feeling reset and rebalanced EVERY TIME.”

Whether you are looking for remote help or in-person care, I would love to help you heal this fall.

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May you find joy in the maintenance of your health.