"Over a period of 6 consistent weeks Monica helped me to regain an alignment with my mind and body that I don't know that I've ever felt before." ~Sam Chemsak

Acupuncture Services

These days there is SO MUCH out there. So many options. So much advice. It’s easy to feel scattered and  not know where to start or what to do next. It's also easy to lose track of how you're doing and of what's really helping you (or not).


What you need is real support. Someone who can help you heal AND help you figure out what is and isn’t working based on your particular health and wellness goals.

Everyone I work with starts with a New Patient Appointment. 

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Wondering what to expect? Here's how one client describes it:


"If you've never considered acupuncture, please do not rule it out. My work with Monica Fauble at Acupuncture with Monica has been one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. Over a period of 6 consistent weeks she helped me to regain an alignment with my mind and body that I don't know that I've ever felt before, and I don't intend to stop treating and caring for myself in one of the most nurturing and centering environments that I've experienced. Let this beautiful and loving soul take care of you too."    ~Sam C. 


2-hour in-person appointment


This option is appropriate if you are struggling with a specific health concern such as anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, migraines, autoimmune disorders, or women's health issues, , to name a few of the conditions that I treat.


This option also works if you’re in relatively good health but want to make some small adjustments or keep the goodness going.




If you're still wondering if acupuncture is right for you, please 


45 minute in-person appointment


Scar healing sessions are appropriate if you would like help reducing redness, itchiness, or inflammation at the site of a surgical oscar or scar from an injury or accident. Scar healing sessions can also help to improve the appearance of the scar (make it less noticeable). 


Scar healing sessions are for anyone who wants to try a non-invasive and natural method to improve the apperance and mobility of scar tissue. This is a great way to try acupuncture out or to get some support if you're an existing patient. 



5 Weekly 60-75-minute in-person appointments


This is the best option if you are struggling with a long-term (more than a year) health concern and want to make real progress.


Saying yes to taking care of yourself and receiving acupuncture once a week for a period of five weeks can provide a lot of relief and can provide amazing progress towards feeling better again.



60 minute in-person appointment


Single sessions are appropriate if you are in relatively good health, and want to maintain your health and the progress we made together.


Single sessions are also available for patients who are interested in "wellness" visits, or who want to use acupuncture to prevent the development of disease.


Ready to roll? Have questions before you come in?