"My work with Monica  has been one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself.  Let this beautiful, loving soul take care of you too." ~Sam Chemsak

Patient Experiences

"If you've never considered acupuncture, please do not rule it out. My work with Monica Fauble at Acupuncture with Monica has been one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. Over a period of 6 consistent weeks she helped me to regain an alignment with my mind and body that I don't know that I've ever felt before, and I don't intend to stop treating and caring for myself in one of the most nurturing and centering environments that I've experienced. Let this beautiful and loving soul take care of you too."


~Sam Chemsak, July 2016

"Hi Monica, I just wanted to tell you what a profound effect your treatment had on me today.  From the minute I stepped outside, I felt lighter and more optimistic than I've felt in a long, long time!

The feeling has stayed with me, even through dinner with my family. And I got home to find a wonderful surprise in my mailbox -- unexpected money -- instead of a big bill.

When I think about work I need to do in the days ahead, I don't feel overwhelmed; just clear about what I need to do, and not emotionally dragged down.

Thank you so much, Monica!"

"Monica consistently helps my body heal. I have no words for the relief, like the actual tangible results I have gotten from routinely seeing her for acupuncture.


She has helped my human body feel so much better and less horrified. She has seen me through panic attacks and drug withdrawal and body sickness and if you can swing it, make it happen.


There are no words for how weirdly obsessed I am with her//her healing powers. I could write a book about it." 

"What I really wanted to tell you about is that today is the first day of my menstrual cycle and I am AT WORK functioning pretty well!


The pain is gradually subsiding when last month this time I was in tears under my covers in bed, unable to move. I don't know what the rest of my cycle will bring but I am truly grateful for the difference in just my first day! I just wanted to truly express my gratitude for your work thus far! Thank you, and I appreciate you."


"Monica, I want to thank you for your help and support these last few months. The head injury/chronic migraine stuff is really debilitating, and acupuncture is the only thing that consistently and reliably helps relieve symptoms and lets me return to a fairly normal life.

Attending huge death metal concerts should still be avoided, but I am not interested in that kind of stuff anyway. Going to a Philly Orchestra concert a couple weeks ago was highly enjoyable and gave me no problems. This is the sort of fun and interesting life I am able to resume, with many thanks for your efforts."


"Monica, you're an angel. you did such amazing acupuncture yesterday!!!!! i felt so amazing when i was on my stomach like i was being held​ by god (nothing corny...). your support and healing skills are so so so helpful to me. i feel really super lucky to be working with you." 

"On October 23, 2013, I started treatment with Monica Fauble. Soon, this year, I am to be eighty-five years old. After eight years of escalating muscle pain in my lower legs, I experienced marked releif after the first treatment.


Monica listens intently and carefuly to my diverse complaints. She hears me. 


From the very beginning, she has made me feel cared about and valued. I feel that she is genuinely interested in making things better for me.  


I am continuing to feel relief. Finding Moncia has proved to be a true blessing."



"Wow! My scar got significantly better after just a day! The scar tissue is a lot less pronounced and the redness is less too! The acupuncture helped heal my scar a lot better than that ointment did. 


Thank you so much! I guess I didn't realize how much I cared until it started to get better!"

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