"Over a period of 6 consistent weeks Monica helped me to regain an alignment with my mind and body that I don't know that I've ever felt before." ~Sam Chemsak

Forms and New Patient Information

Welcome! I'm looking forward to working with you.


Please know that I am always available via phone or email if something arises that you would like to discuss right away.

Paperwork for Your Initial Appointment

To prepare for your initial acupuncture visit, please download, print, and complete these forms. (Click here to download the pdf.) Please bring a completed copy of this paperwork with you to your first appointment.


If you do not have a printer, and you want to fill this document out by hand on-site, please drop me a line here or by email to let me know and I will have a printed copy ready for you 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. 

How to Prepare for Your Appointment and What to Bring with You

Please eat lightly (don't come on an empty stomach).

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

In addition to bringing the completed paperwork with you, please bring your calendar so that we can schedule follow-up appointments. 

At your first appointment, we will discuss your treatment goals and work together to set benchmarks so that you can know how acupuncture is helping you. We will also have plenty of time for acupuncture during this initial session.

Financial Policy

I accept cash or check or FSA/HSA cards or credit cards.

You can download and review my complete financial policy using this link. We will go over this policy in person at your initial appointment.