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Here's How I Can Help You.

It’s great to virtually meet you.


My name is Monica, and I’ve been offering individualized one-on-one sessions since 2014. I became an acupuncturist because acupuncture offers real solutions (and amazing results!) for people struggling with a myriad of health conditions, including anxiety, PTSD, digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, and calming the nervous system after exposure to traumatic events. 


I work well with people who are committed to their health, and who are willing to consider making small sustainable changes to their routines. These changes will allow you to get closer to where you want to be in terms of your wellbeing and your spirit.

I’m committed to your goals and your overall health. I want to know where you’ve been in the past with your wellbeing, where you are now, and where you want to be. 

A new patient appointment is 2 hours so that we have 30-40 minutes to do a thorough review of your health history and so that we can be on the very same page in terms of your goals for treatment. 

I work closely with each of my clients to set benchmarks that will allow you to evaluate if acupuncture is working well for what you’re wanting. 


You won’t be one of many here. I schedule only one person at a time so that I can be available for you throughout the entirety of your session. 


I work closely with each of my clients to help them feel safe, and to support them in identifying and committing to their health and wellness goals so that they can recover their aliveness and sense of connection.

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