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Movement and Learning Workshop


Summer, Joy: Open Your Heart & Unfold

Sunday, June 14th from 11am-1pm, ONLINE


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A Note About Zoom: I have enabled a virtual "waiting room" in Zoom for this event, which means that you may not be able to enter the Zoom event immediately. I will let you in one by one to help prevent "Zoom-bombing." Please arrive early on or on time. 


Please share this workshop widely!

This unique online format allows you to attend with a friend from afar.

Required Materials (Please have these available): an open mind and willingness to learn

Optional Materials: a blanket or towel, a notebook and pen, a yoga mat, a few throw pillows for comfort or support



Summer is the season of joy in Chinese Medicine theory. With the full heat of the sun and maximum light, the longer days allow us to enjoy the warm glow of this generally-satisfying season.


This summer, however, many of us are struggling with social isolation, depression, and lack of joy, as triggered by the global pandemic. Loss of heart might be one of the biggest side-effects of the physical lock-downs that we are all struggling throught together. 


In this workshop we will explore how to cultivate a deeper relationship with our own hearts and our collective shared heart as we engage a yoga practice of gentle backbends and heart-openers to help you connect to the deep warmth nestled safely within the depths of your own being.

Our yoga practice will be super gentle and suitable for all levels. We will also frame and discuss how to work with the energy of our hearts from the perspective of Chinese Medicine. 

Monica Fauble, Licensed Acupuncturist and Yoga Instructor, teaches alignment-based yoga. She loves helping people become more embodied, more attuned to their own inner knowing.