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A light blue giftcard from Acupuncture with Monica in Philadelphia, PA, nestled against a background of pine needles, flowers, and leaves

Give the gift of healing.
Give the gift of acupuncture.

Acupuncture Gift Cards are available for Acupuncture with Monica in any amount. 

Maybe you want to give a friend that little nudge to try acupuncture, so you give them a $50 or $25 gift card to help defray the cost of an acupuncture session. Digital (delivered by email) gift cards are available for $25, $50, $130, $225, or for the amount of your choice, from $10 all the way up to $500.

If you prefer to cover the total cost of an appointment, please purchase a gift card for $225 for a new patient or $130 for someone who has already seen me (at least one time) for acupuncture.

Digital gift cards can be purchased directly from Square (my credit card processor) using the link below, and are delivered to the recipient via email. You can choose to send the gift card now or schedule it to be sent at a later date. Digital gift cards do not expire, so your loved one has time to make the choice about when it's right for them to come in for an acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is a lovely gift for anyone wanting to recover their health, or for anyone processing grief, stress, anxiety, a large transition, or for someone who is navigating change and trying to find their footing.


Even if nothing is apparently "wrong" or "off," acupuncture can help you find a quiet resting place within yourself, as you plug back in, reconnect with yourself and recommitt to staying on track with your wellbeing and health. Many of my clients with no overarching health concerns choose to come for a session quarterly or every-other-month to help themselves pause, reconnect, and navigate the shifting seasons.  

If you're old-fashioned (like me) and prefer to gift someone a paper gift card (or if you simply prefer to pay by check or cash), I do have a supply of paper gift cards available. Paper gift cards can be purchased by cash, check, or credit card in-person at either of my office locations. Please contact me to arrange a time for us to meet-up to make this purchase. 

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