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Acupuncture forms in Philadelphia, PA, HIPAA-compliant



Acupuncture  (the placement of fine needles the width of a cat's whiskers) also includes associated modalities: moxibustion (the burning of Chinese Herbs over acupuncture points to stimulate healing), cupping (the lifting of muscle and connective tissue away from the bone to release muscle tension), and gua sha (a scaping techique to increase blood flow to heal chronic pain and injuries). These techniques been used for more than 2,500 years as a complete system of medicine to mobilize your body's own innate potential to heal through promoting homeostasis (which acupunctue simply refers to as "balance"). 


At your first appointment, we will assess and begin working with whichever of these modalities will best serve your treatment goals.

My practice provides individualized compassionate care that accounts for your individual health needs, goals, concerns, and even your values. I won't push you into anything you're not interested in, and I will honor and respect your health and wellbeing goals, no matter how big or how small. I've structed my practice so that I only book one person at a time, rather than sticking needles in one person then rushing off to take care of someone else. In our frantic, fast-paced world, this spacious approach is healing in and of itself.

I'm commited to making sure I provide each patient with my undivided time and attention so that I can truly understand what you want to receive from treatment. I will also work with you to set benchmarks so that you can make sure you're getting what you need.

Most people find relief in just one or two sessions, though weekly treatment for 4-6 weeks is generally recommended initially for anyone who has been struggling with longer-term health conditions; this helps you begin to gain momentum with your wellbeing. 

Acupuncture has been shown to create a chemical cascade of feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, so you feel relaxed and re-engaged after treatment. 


If you're unsure about how acupuncture can help you heal, your best next step is to schedule a free phone consultation with me. During the consult we will briefly review your health history and what you are hoping I can help you with so that I can give you an idea of what to expect based on my clinical experience. 




Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

If yes, then you might benefit from receiving my care.

You have symptoms that pop up and don’t really go away.


You feel like your body is this other thing that you’re always trying to appease. Even when you work hard to take care of yourself, your body tends to complain.  


Your struggle with emotions and with self-defeating thoughts.


Life doesn’t feel easy or fun. You feel stuck in a rut and are often lonely, depressed, isolated, or sad.


Maybe your health is “ok” but you’re unsure about where your health is heading.


You take pretty good care of yourself but old injuries or aches and pains are starting to edge in on your everyday life and stick around.


It’s a struggle to stay focused, and you’re easily overwhelmed.


You’ve been dealing with illness for so long that it’s just another thing to plan around. You often feel scattered and have lost a lot of heart in the process.

You tend to be tired and you feel like your health is holding you back.


You know that your body isn’t working as well as it could. You tend to feel drained and you want to have enough energy for the things and people you love.


I’ve helped people who:


*have been struggling with illness for years on end

*have mental or emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder

*feel disconnected from their lives or their experiences

*struggle with GI and digestive disorders or with strange symptoms that come and go

*may not even have a diagnosis but have a nagging feeling that they could feel better than they do

New Patient Appointment

Let's begin. 

A single purple flower

2-hour in-person appointment


This option is appropriate if you are struggling with a specific health concern such as anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, migraines, autoimmune disorders, or women's health issues, to name a few of the conditions that I treat. This option also works well if you’re in relatively good health but want to make some small adjustments to keep the goodness going.

During the initial appointment, we will review your health history and talk about your health and wellness goals. This typically takes 30-50 minutes depending on how much you want to share, and how complicated your health history has been. 

After we talk, we will have plenty of time for acupuncture during this visit.

At the end of the appointment, we will discuss followup and we will also create a plan for you to track your progress so that you can know if acupuncture is working well for you.

Your Investment for this Appointment: $225.

You may pay by cash, check, or credit card for this service. If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), acupuncture is a covered service, and I will accept a HSA or FSA card as well. I can provide you with a receipt for your records.

If you have coverage for acupuncture through your health insurance, I can provide a receipt with all of the necessary codes that you can submit to your carrier for reimbursement. I do not work with any insurance carriers directly. 


To schedule your appointment, please contact me by email or phone with your preferred times.

Stairway to Wellness Package Sessions

Gather momentum. Sustain your growth.

A bright white flower on a branch

5 Weekly 75-minute in-person appointments


This is the best option if you are struggling with a long-term (more than a year) health concern and want to make real progress.


This package is available to all existing patients. Existing patients are anyone who has seen me at least one time for a new patient appointment. Your initial new patient appointment is not included in this package as its important that we meet and that you feel I'm a good fit for what you're wanting before you commit to working with me. 


Committing to come once a week for 5 weeks is the best way to start to gain momentum with your health after seeing me for the initial appointment. 

This Package is Ideal for You If:

*you have a health concern that has been bothering you for months or years on end

*you want to gain some momentum in improving your health

*you are sick and tired of being "sick and tired"

*you shy away from "one-size fits all" approaches and really want a personalized approach 

*you want a safe and supportive environment that will respect and honor your individual health and wellness goals

*you want help identifying patterns in your health and how your lifestyle and habits contribute to your health

*you feel scattered and overwhelmed trying so many different things to improve your health, and you're ready for some structure 

*you are willing to consider making small changes to support yourself and your health and wellness goals


This package is designed to begin to address a wide variety of health concerns. Notably, I have used this package to help patients with digestive disorders, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, depression, back pain, migraines, fibroids, bipolar disorder, and injuries.

This package is also helpful for patients who have been seeing me for awhile but have some setback in their life or in their health like an injury or a major life change, and need several sessions to really recover their health.​

The Details:

This package is designed to be completed in a period of 5 weeks. This is intentional as acupuncture works best for chronic conditions when treatments are scheduled closer together to start. By commiting to the package, you receive bonus treatment time (75-minute appointments instead of 60-minute standard follow-up sessions; that's like getting an extra treatment for free!)​

What Happens at the End of the Five Sessions?


After five weeks, we will check-in about what progress you have made and what challenges you are still facing. Based on your progress and your goals, we will discuss what continued support might look like for you.

Your Investment: $125 per session.

Payment is due weekly, at the end of each appointment. Some people prefer to pay in one lump sum of $625 (payable at your first package series appointment); that's fine too. 

Follow-up Acupuncture Appointment

Keep it going.

A beautiful purple flower

During your follow-up appointment, we will review your progress and touch base about where you are at with your specific health concerns. This typically takes 10-20 minutes. We then have 40 minutes, on average, for treatment. 


Your Investment for this Appointment: $130.

Telemedicine Strategy Sessions

Change your life to change your health.

A white and purple iris

30 minute virtual appointment via videochat

For your virtual Telemedicine appointment, you will receive a link to a secure HIPAA-compliant videochat service. You will tell me a little bit about what you are struggling with and I will provide insights about how you can make small steps to help you move towards your goals. We might discuss lifestyle changes, habit modifications, dietary changes, exercise or movement ideas, or other ways to boost your sense of wellbeing so that you can live a life that you love. Chinese Medicine is first and foremost a preventative medicine that helps you align your inner needs with external circumstances.

Telemedicine Self-Care Strategry Sessions are scheduled in 30-minute  increments so that the sessions can be helpful and digestbile as well. I've found that 30 minutes is just enough time to get towards the heart of the issue without feeling overwhelmed.

Common issues that I help people with through Telemedicine include:




*digestive disorders

*sleep disturbances

*low motivation

*low back pain

Telemdicine sessions can help you:


*restructure your thinking about an issue you are facing

*uncover what motivates you and how to leverage that motivation

*make small changes that will help you feel better, rest better, begin to eliminate distressing symptoms

*find the support and accountability to begin living a life that you love

These sessions are offered at a fraction of my regular rate and are a great way to get to know me and my services before possibly diving into a in-person appointment, if desired. Telemedicine is also amazing for those who might want to work with me but who live far away or who don't find my office locations convenient.

Your Investment for this Appointment: $50.

Scar Healing Sessions

Scar tissue holding you back or still bothering you?

Striped tulips rising towards the sky

45 minute in-person appointment


Scar healing sessions are appropriate if you would like help reducing redness, itchiness, or inflammation at the site of a surgical oscar or scar from an injury or accident. Scar healing sessions can also help to improve the appearance of the scar (make it less noticeable). 


Scar healing sessions are for anyone who wants to try a non-invasive and natural method to improve the apperance and mobility of scar tissue. This is a great way to try acupuncture out or to get some support if you're an existing patient. 

During a scar healing session, tiny acupuncture needles (the width of a cat's whiskers) are placed beneath the scar tissue to help break up the connective tissue that has become stuck at the site of the scar. A heat therapy called "moxibustion" may also be used to promote healing of the scar tissue.

Scars that respond well to treatment generally include:


*c-section scars

*top surgery scars

*laproscopic surgery scars

*other surgical scars

*wounds or injuries that produced a scar

Please note that scars that are unhealed/open are not suitable for scar healing sessions. Generally, it's best to wait at least 6-8 weeks after surgery to treat scar tissue. Scars as old as 20-40 years old can still benefit from this gentle method. It's never too late to seek support. 

Scar healing sessions can help you:


*reduce pain, redness, & inflammation at the site of the scar

*improve the appearance of the scar (flatten it out and/or fade it)

*release trauma

*recover lost mobility

*connect more deeply with yourself

*breathe more deeply (find more ease)

These sessions are offered at a sliding scale and are a great way to introduce yourself to acupuncture or to try out this ancient medicine. 


Your Investment for this Appointment: $80-130 sliding scale.

You decide what to pay, no questions asked.

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