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If you're feeling lost in the overwhelm of struggling with health concerns or if you're simply floundering in the midst of everyday life, I invite you to engage with these meditation resources as a place of refuge.

I've been meditating since 2006. I'm not entirely sure why I started meditating, but I think I was hoping to become a better version of myself. That sort-of happened—I do find that I can work with challenges with more acceptance and much less overwhelm—but the best gift my meditation practice has offered to me is the capacity to be present. To see things as they are.

Life can be painful, but it can also be profoundly beautiful. I'm often in a state of awe, and that awe shines even brighter because I take the time to meditate daily.

If you would like to join me in a deeper connection with the wonder and the deep mysteries of life, I would love to invite you to meditate with me.


My gift to you.

A shaggy brown horse on a beach with crashing waves

"Meditation: A Beginner's Guide" Free Resource


If you've been wanting to start meditating but aren't sure where to start, my free e-book "Meditation: A Beginner's Guide" is a great place to start. In eight simple pages, I will take you through the basics and help you figure out the basics of a mindfulness awareness meditation practice. 

With step-by-step instructions regarding posture, breath, and what to do during meditation, this guide will get you started with a meditation practice of your very own. The guide also includes photos to guide you as well.

Consider reading this e-book, to provide you with some context for the actual practice of meditation, before enjoying the guided meditation audio below.

If you've been meditating awhile, I hope that this e-book will serve as a useful review.

Click here to download "Meditation: A Beginner's Guide."


Join me in deep reverence for this life.

A group of three brown and white wild horses contemplating the water

Please enjoy these free guided meditations. May you be peaceful. May you be free.

Introductory Meditation with InstructionsAcupuncture with Monica
00:00 / 13:14
Morning MeditationAcupuncture with Monica
00:00 / 15:36
Meditation on Riding the Wave and Staying PresentAcupuncture with Monica
00:00 / 08:27
Meditation on Anxiety and Resting with a Broken HeartAcupuncture with Monica
00:00 / 13:44
Meditating with Fatigue or FogginessAcupuncture with Monica
00:00 / 08:49

"Meditation for Beginners" Starter Pack

$8 Donation for 3+ hours of guided meditations.

A close-up of a brown horse with a cropped mane and a gentle face

$8 Donation for 3+ Hours of Guided Meditations

My meditation for beginners starter pack is the perfect set of resources to help you begin a steady meditation practice. This package includes 3 hours and 20 minutes of MP3 files that you can download and save to your computer, so that you can meditate anytime & anywhere.

This set of guided meditation recordings also inclues a 24 minute instructions to help you get started with a meditation practice. These instructions will help you get a handle on the basics of a mindfulness-awareness meditation practice. 

Once you've started to absorb the instructions, you can start meditating with the support of 12 guided meditation audio files (ranging in length from 6-30 minutes) to help you get the hang of meditating. With more than 3 hours of meditation options, you can return to these guided meditations over and over again. 


This set of MP3 downloads is designed for anyone who wants support in starting a meditation practice. This series of audio tracks will provide you with guided instructions so that you can meditate alongside an experienced meditation teacher. 


You will receive a link to a shared google drive folder; from that link, you can then download a set of 18 MP3 files.

A complete track list can be seen below. 


(24 minutes)


Step One Posture (3:54)

Step Two Breath (8:20)

Stillness (3:51)

We Meditate to Inhabit Our Whole Being (3:54)

Becoming an Observer (2:09)

Breath as an Anchor (1:42)


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Your Investment: $8


(2 hours & 56 minutes)


8 minute meditation (8:06)

12 minute mediation (12:20)

15 minute meditation (15:15)

20 minute meditation (20:26)

25 Minute Meditation

30 minute meditation (30:17)

Morningtime Meditation (14:48)

Evening meditation (15:08)

Meditating with Boredom (11:38)

Being with Fatigue (6:21)

Meditating with Fatigue or Fogginess (8:49)

Not trying to fix or change anything (7:10)



Click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase the Meditation for Beginners Starter Pack.


After you complete your purchase, you will receive a receipt from Paypal.​ Your order will then be processed within 24-48 hours.

​​​At that time, you will receive an email with a link to the Google Drive where you can download your purchase.​

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