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Here's how acupuncture can help you recover your health.

What does acupuncture have to do with emotional wellbeing?
More than you think.

Acupuncture is most commonly associated with managing physical pain. While I certainly help clients with back pain, injuries, and recovering from sprains and strains, what I actually do best is help my clients identify how they can help themselves heal. This is where the wisdom shared in my blog comes into play.

Often, clients come to me for acupuncture knowing that they *should* feel better than they do, in terms of sleep, energy, emotions, and general lust for life, but they often are drained by lingering health concerns: migraines, menstrual issues, digestive disorders, anxiety, or just not feeling like themself. 

This is where acupuncture really shines! Acupuncture offers a complete system of wellbeing, that has been used for more than 2,500 years to help people not only recover their health but, more essentially perhaps, to maintain and preserve it. 

I often call acupuncture an "embodied therapy" because it uses the physical body as an entry point, through the burning of Chinese herbs or the placement of fine, flexible needles, to tap into the healing potential inherent within each of us, no matter how "off track" you might feel.


Acupuncture allows us to access all the major body systems and resolve multiple medical (and emotional) complaints all at once.

Acupuncture has a homeostatic effect (what might more generally be experienced as feeling "balanced," having enough energy, feeling relatively settled, and being free of discomfort or pain) of the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the endocrine system. Through this subtle therapy, we can access all of you and begin to get you feeling better again.


The philosophy behind acupuncture developed 2,500 years ago through observation of nature and by mapping out how the same cosmic conditions happening externally (the rising energy of spring for example or the contracting energy of winter) are also mirrored in each of us.


We are part of nature and we are impacted by our environment. You can't change one aspect of an ecosystem without impacting everything else. Hence, tiny adjustments offered by an acupuncture treatment get you feeling better not only with whatever's bothering you, but also overall. 

In the spirit of the philosophy of acupuncture, I offer you these blog posts. With modern suggestions about how to protect and preserve your health and wellbeing in a 21st century world.

Acupuncture was originally designed to help people stay well. It's a revolutionary idea now, but you do not need to wait until you're feeling sick, or just generally "off," to go and get some subtle, and transformational, support.

Even if you never get around to trying acupuncture itself, you are welcomed and encouraged to apply the philosophy of this holistic medicine, as explored in my blog. If you are interested in talking more about how acupuncture might be able to support your wellbeing, please reach out to schedule a free 15-minute consultation by phone

May you be happy and free. And may you be well. 

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