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Coming Home to Yourself.

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Wedding embrace, Hanbit Kwon and Monica Fauble, Studio 34 Yoga, Philadelphia, PA

Studio 34 Yoga is a super special place for me. It’s where I fell in love with yoga over a decade ago (2008/2009ish?). It’s the place where I first opened my acupuncture practice (2014). It’s the studio where I now teach yoga (as of September 2021!)

It’s also where Hanbit and I had our wedding party with family and friends after getting married on our couch with four friends witnessing (in 2019).

For many years I was part of the work exchange program at Studio 34 and I would enter the studio early to clean it. I love cleaning the studio because I love the studio (and its community) itself. Even now, I find myself randomly mopping or dusting something, wiping baseboards, taking little actions to take care of the space. Because when you love something, you naturally want to care for and maintain it.

This time of year is the time of late summer, which is the season of the earth element. The earth element is the central element, sometimes depicted at the middle of the Five Element acupuncture chart.

The earth is all about stability, regularity, and nourishment.

The energetic action of the earth is center-periphery. The associated organs are digestive organs; these organs take nourishment in (center) then transform it into energy to be shared (periphery).

This time of year where we bring in the final harvest is truly the season of give and take. If you’re finding that you’re in an unequal relationship of give and take in your own life, it might be time to reevaluate what you need to better receive and to share.

Maybe you need more nourishment (more “center”). You can receive nourishment from other people in your life, but it’s generally best to begin with nourishing yourself. Long walks, leisurely meals, journaling, time lying around are all great ways to build your energy back up.

Once you feel more centered, you can share that abundance with the world (periphery). It can be as simple as making someone bread, sharing an uplifting story, lending a listening ear, or taking the time to volunteer, or even picking up a stray piece of trash on the street.

Take the time this month to truly nourish yourself and to share that abundance with those you love. The cooling weather will help us all to pull back into reflection as we begin to slide towards autumn.

May you be nourished inside-out this September.



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