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Look for the Light this Summer

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Monica Fauble and Hanbit Kwon selfie

“Looking for the light is enlightenment”

Happy solstice. Happy summer!

Though the weather has been all sorts of ways lately, it’s officially summertime for sure now! On the Gregorian (Western/solar) calendar, today is the longest day of the year. May you bask in the glow of the sun and in the glow of our shared collective consciousness/heart.

Summer in Chinese Medicine is the season of the Fire element (the Fire phase of the year). Fire means heat, means warmth, means light, means love, means full flowering/maturation, the blossoming of the heart.

Fire is the only element in the five element theory (the other elements being water, wood, earth, and metal–gems and bedrock) that is non-material; that cannot be grasped, that cannot be measured or weighed, that goes up (towards heaven/towards a higher consciousness) while the other elements are subject to the earth’s downward gravitational pull.

During this time of year, we are most easily able to relax, to bask, to undress (sundress season!), to drop some of our masks/layers, to unburden our hearts, and to share in each other’s warmth & the warmth provided by nature.

Because by its nature, fire is so immaterial (its warmth can be felt but its flame cannot be captured/held), you might find it tricky to maintain a connection to the spark in your heart.

Never fear. There are so many ways to come back home. Spend time in the actual sun. Journal. Find people that you love and make time to connect with them one-on-one. Do some yoga (I'm still teaching, both in-person and online). Go for a walk (without your phone). Put your feet in the hot sand if you are so lucky as to go to the beach. Get some acupuncture. Take time to rest. Take a break from busyness to find yourself again.

Heat rises. Fire rises. Your heart can swell in your chest when you plug back in. Stay connected to these sensations and stay connected with yourself.

May you be peaceful, happy, and free.

Happy Summer.

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