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Making Space for Ease; & Friday 7/26: An Opportunity for Deep Rejuvenation

Monica Fauble, July 26, 2004 Summer Restorative Workshop
Realign & Renew: Summer Restorative Yoga Session

“When we feel supported, it’s easier to relax.” -Jillian Pransky, Restorative Yoga Teacher

Ok friends, I know I promised you one more posting about sleep, and I promise that’s coming soon! But today I wanted to write to you about the grace of ease.

I’m someone who easily over-efforts. I’m in Physical Therapy right now correcting some muscle imbalances from my tendency to overstretch (to go too far!). I warned my PT that if she tells me to do 10 sets, I will do 25 sets. 

That I’m actually TOO good of a student for my own good. I know this about myself.  

So the first step she had me work on is actually doing LESS PT. On not taking it too far. Sure, I’m doing some strengthening as she assigned, but I’ve also been instructed to actually skip days of stabilization exercises so that my muscles have time to recover and rest. 

Less is truly more, my friends!

When I make the space in my schedule to relax, I often find that it’s during those times of ease that my creativity flows. When I can drop muscling through and, instead, connect to my heart space, that’s when the good stuff comes through. 

Summer is the season of ease, of spreading out, of the warmth and natural glow of the heart. The heart is depicted as an empty space in Chinese Medicine. A cavern, or a nest for baby birds to emerge from.

I recently attended a group meditation (on zoom) with my teacher Jillian, during which she reminded me that “when we feel supported, it’s easier to relax.” Being with the group heart (even virtually on zoom) was so supportive for me, that the entire sequence for my summer restorative yoga session unexpectedly came through. 

I’ve been playing with sequences that require less props (less stuff) and simpler transitions. This allows the students to find deeper rest and to not need to turn their brains on in order to rearrange their bodies in supported shapes close to the ground.

The elegance of spaciousness will hopefully be transmitted to those who attend my in-person workshop on Friday July 26th.

If you’ve been wanting the support of a shared group of truly wonderful humans, a container in which to relax and connect with your own heart, there is still space available in “Realign & Renew: Summer Restorative Yoga Workshop” on Friday July 26th at 7pm. You even have time to catch the early bird pricing! $34 through July 16th!

I would love to support you at this event, or through acupuncture

I’m here to hear your heart, whenever you’re ready.

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