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Season of the Heart + 2 Opportunities to Support Your Heart Space

Acupuntrist and yoga instructor Monica Fauble is in a restorative yoga pose with arms and feet resting on the floor.

Summer is the season of the heart in Chinese Medicine. The heart is often depicted in Chinese Medicine as a vast empty space. This space provides the opportunity for the heart to fully reflect our experience. Just as the sky is vast, so are our hearts.

This summer, I have two opportunities (one virtual and the other in-person) to help your heart tap into this spacious-sky feeling that helps us feel connected and free.


Sunday June 2nd, 9am EST on ZOOM

THIS WEEKEND!! There’s still time to jump in. Register Here.


Saturday June 15th, 1pm EST at Studio 34 Yoga in West Philly


Is your heart feeling cramped or tight? Are you feeling weighed-down by anxiety or chest tension or grief? I love helping women, struggling with these symptoms, who want to feel safe and seen. 

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