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Staying Steady in the Season of Wind

Spring is the season of wind in Chinese Medicine! Wind means change, means transformation, means dynamism, means rapidity, and it often invites in the unexpected. Spring can be both exhilarating and also, at times, exhausting.

If you’ve been feeling whipped-around by life lately, take some time to feel your feet on the ground, connect down through the pelvis into the legs and especially into the heels of your feet.

One of my life practices lately has been being more intentional about not rushing. It’s easy to move fast, to cram tasks in, to get way into my to-do list.

This Spring I’m actively resisting those 21st century urges by vowing to do one thing at a time and to even leave things at least temporarily undone in service of energy regulation and cultivating presence.

Want to join me in the energy-conserving, spontaneously-delighting cultivation of a moment-by-moment life? Drop me a line if you’re in. I love accountability and mutual support.

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