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Take the Weight Out

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Monica Fauble, Licensed Acupuncturist, Philadelphia, PA, Sewing a Quilt on a Brother Sewing Machine

I’ve started quilting together the three pieces of my quilt (the top of the quilt, the batting–the cushy insides, and the backing) by feeding it through my Costco sewing machine. Every time I sew another row I have to roll part of the quilt to make sure it fits through the arm in the machine. This quilt is fairly heavy as it’s queen-sized.

I’ve found that the easiest sewing comes when I lift the extra fabric hanging off the end of my sewing table and tuck it under my arm to take the extra weight out. When I take on some of the excess, I get at least multiple seconds of weightless ease where the needle just clicks forward, then eventually I adjust the fabric again so that it’s neither too heavy nor too taut.

Take the weight out is one of my metaphors for 2022. I’m looking at my calendar and examining places where I’ve been too heavy-handed in scheduling (or over-scheduling) myself. And I’m examining how I can always have easy, healthy meals in my freezer, pantry, or fridge. And how I can get to bed on time, while still enjoying life. And, etc.!

There might be places where the fabric of your life hangs heavy and even drags along, but take the time today (or tomorrow, or whenever you’re ready) to have a cup of tea and take a little weight off so that you can find that relative ease of a forward-moving needle.

Having trouble figuring out what or how to prioritize to take excellent care of yourself? I’m still offering 30-minute telemedicine sessions for just $35. More information is available here.

May the fabric of your life be relatively weightless, and may you learn how to hold it.

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