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The Winds of Change Can Carry You

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Monica Fauble, Licensed Acupuncturist, Philadelphia, PA in front a stark brick wall wearing a winter coat

This weather has really been taking us (or at least me) for a ride. Up and down, hot and cold, hope and fear, wind and rain, it can be hard to stay steady in the midst of so much change. And maybe steady isn’t exactly the word to be working towards. Maybe you could go for “flexible” or “adaptable” or “willing to ride the wave (or to go with that gusty wind!).”

As we move in and out of winter (fear) and spring (hope), I invite you to weave together the fabric of your life and be willing to flap in the breeze just a bit. Feel your feet on the ground and feel the sway of this brand new season. It’s both exhilarating and it can be uprooting (just as the plants are rooting deep into the earth to shoot up and out of the frozen ground). And that’s all ok.

Many clients have been talking with me lately about how awkward it is to socialize again as we move into a different phase of COVID. And yes, it is really awkward. Allow the awkward to be part of your experience and to be totally great (and maybe even weirdly refreshing).

As you embody the awkward, as you remove your winter jacket then put it right back on one day later, be willing to embrace the fluctuations of this transitory season.

We won’t be here forever. Things will settle. And then it will get windy once again.

Regardless of the weather, inside or out, may you enjoy your life this spring.



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