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Stay Supported in Your Daily To-Dos

Monica Fauble, Licensed Acupuncturist, in a gray spring jacket with her hair dyed pink

Running a business involves a dizzying number of details. Even for a recovering-perfectionist Virgo like me, it can sometimes feel hard to stay “on top” of it all.

Which is where one of my favorite math equations, from my restorative yoga teacher Jillian Pransky, comes in.

A Little Bit + Often = A Lot

This is true for staying organized and it’s also true for self-care and for starting new routines. 

Every little bit of structure, intention and care can have a huge effect over time. 

When I was feeling overwhelmed with details recently (in the midst of Mercury Retrograde nonetheless), I pulled back and started slowing down and taking two to three full breaths in-between each task. 

Spring is the time of renewal. And though it can feel like full-steam ahead, your body and mind still need breaks to reintegrate and catch up. 

If you’ve been bogged down in the details or struggling with where to begin, I encourage you to begin with the tiniest step that will start you down the path you’re growing towards. Then rinse and repeat. It’s the iterations that we learn from best. 

3 minutes of meditation four times a week is ultimately more reliable for your nervous system than a 20 minute session once every ten or twelve days.

A little bit often will ultimately equal a lot!

If you need some help forming a new healthy habit, consider scheduling a Self-Care Strategy Session. These 30-minute virtual (video-chat) appointments* are designed to help you get clear on the motivations behind your health and wellness goals, and to create some structure for yourself. 

They also serve as an excellent accountability support. Having a gentle commitment to report back on your progress can definitely help you stay on track. 

*Telemedicine sessions are only available for patients in PA. Due to my licensing I cannot support people in other states unfortunately.

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