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Acupuncture Wisdom About How to Find More Rest in the Winter Season

Updated: May 27

autumn leaf falling from a tree.

Autumn is the season of “gathering” energy as the sap moves from the leaves to the trunk of the tree. Autumn is also the season of dryness. The leaves begin to curl towards the center and eventually drop from the branches. The gathering inwards allows for letting go.

As we begin our transition towards winter, we’re moving into the season of “storage”. This is an excellent time to drop any commitments that no longer serve you and conserve your energy for the fresh start of spring.

I’ve been working with this idea by keeping things simple and trying to work with my own energy patterns. I can feel in my body (an edgy tightening constriction in my chest) when I’m pushing and “muscling through” vs. when I’m more aligned and at ease.

I often write this blog by mulling it over for a few days in my head, then when it feels somewhat formed I put it to paper. I don’t sit down and try to write. I first have gathered a few thoughts then I allow them to generate and spread.

I allow the planning of what I will write to be rather loose, seasonally-inspired and in alignment with what I see coming in my own life and the lives of those I work with.

You might notice that I aim for twice a month with this writing but sometimes it’s a bit more or less. This comes from me allowing the content to come through rather than grasping towards it.

I’ve found that the more I WANT to write/share or TRY to write/share, the more difficult and more grippy (in my body and in my message) it gets.

Are there areas of your life where you are grasping or gripping? Can you soften your fists and allow life to come through?

As we move into winter, I invite you to let go and relax. It’s hot chocolate season, sweater season (!!), cozy nesting season. And I know that our culture is amping up into holidays, but how can you bring yourself a little bit of rest?

Rather than trying to figure out what you want to keep and savor in this season of storage, take a moment throughout your day to feel what is nourishing for you, and invite yourself into a bit more of that.

Want to learn more about the energy of this winter season of stillness and darkness (and also, ultimately, of light)? There’s still space in my Winter Rest and Restore Restorative Yoga sessions. The first early bird pricing ends 12/22. No yoga experience is needed at all. We will talk about winter, breathe, and then lie down on bolsters and blankets. It will be cozy, restful, and reassuring as well.

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