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Energy Conservation Tips from Acupuncture Theory

Fairy rose bush with tiny pink blossoms dormant in winter. Covered in autumn leaves.

I’ve been working with energy conservation recently by shifting my focus from doing to being. This is a magical way of life (at least it has been for me) once you surrender and enter it deeply.

This morning, making soup to take to my office for dinner, I negated the urge to listen to a podcast/do something else while cooking. Instead, I chopped the carrots, smelled the spices, felt the slippery insides of the onions. I stayed inside the process rather than distracting myself or tugging at my attention.

Rather than doing the cooking, I brought my whole body and my intention into the being-ness of cooking. While we’ve all been trained to multi-task, our brains aren’t actually able to hold two tasks simultaneously; instead, your brain is switching between back and forth back and forth. It’s exhausting (and inefficient) over time.

In acupuncture and Daoist philosophy there’s a concept called Wu-Wei. Wu-Wei might translate as something like “non-doing” or “non-action.” It doesn’t mean doing nothing; it does mean allowing actions to organically unfold.

I often think of Wu-Wei like “not pushing the river.” Instead of trying to steer, manage, micro-manage or control, I allow life to flow like a river as it is. I take the time to pull back and observe before moving forward. Fighting life as it shows up for you makes the undertow much stronger.

I also think of Wu-Wei as a sacred pause. If I pull back and pause, an answer often emerges. We often know what we need if we allow ourselves the space to receive our own wisdom.

Wu-Wei is connected to being. To presence. To allowing life to emerge.

I assure you that if you find times in your day where you allow more space for presence, and for whole-hearted absorption to happen, you will be less burned-out and more at ease as we move through this season.

Test it out. Feel into it, and drop me a line to let me know what you find.

Want more support resting into being? Check out my Winter Rest and Restore Workshop at Studio 34 Yoga.

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