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How Your Animal Instincts Can Serve You This Spring

small animal statue carrying a basket of flowers & dressed in a cape

I’m wishing you well this season (and always), post-earthquake and post-eclipse. I know that many of you live closer to the actual epicenter of the earthquake, and I’m wishing you safety and freedom from harm. 

I was home reading a book on the couch when the Tewksbury New Jersey earthquake (70ish miles away) aftershocks literally shook my home. I’ve been through tornadoes (in central Ohio) and hurricanes (in coastal North Carolina) but never an earthquake. 

After a few moments of fear borne mostly from confusion, the earthquake then immersed me in wonder and awe. Separation is an illusion. We’re all always connected, and nothing ever happens in isolation from everything else. 

Reading about earthquakes online after this extraordinary (for me the earthquake novice at least) event, I learned that the rocks in the Northeast are especially dense, and thereby are especially favorable for spreading the vibrations of tremors. The crust of the earth serves as a matrix for communication, much like tree roots. 

I also watched numerous videos of dogs reacting to the earthquake. (For no other reason than the sheer delight of dogs!) Time and time again, the dogs react before the tremors visibly start. 

In Chinese Medicine terms, these dogs are connected to their animal body (the Po), which connects us to our animal instinct, to the more primitive survival-oriented parts of our brain, to our instinctual knowing, the knowing that happens biochemically and physiologically before we consciously have a label in our minds regarding how we feel.

Most of us spend our days in our heads, on our devices, disconnected from our somatic experience, from our instinct, from our breath. If you’re wanting to come back home to yourself, to your own awe and wonder right now, acupuncture is an excellent option for you.

Acupuncture can help you reconnect with your body and its wisdom so that you can plug back in to the signals of your body and access greater clarity and ease. I have so many clients surprised that they feel things during even their very first session. What they’re feeling is the movement that is always alive within each of us, but which we often forget to find space to perceive.  

If you would like to explore how acupuncture might help you, this new page on my website “Start Here” has a snapshot of how I work and who I help best. This is great for potential clients, and it’s also a great page to share with a friend who you think might be interested in working with me.

As always, I offer free consults by phone so that you can ask any questions you might have and learn more about what to expect. 

One last plug! It’s not too late to join my Spring “Revitalize and Renew” Restorative Yoga workshop, THIS FRIDAY APRIL 12th at 7pm at Studio 34 in West Philly. No yoga experience is needed. This class is super gentle, and you’ll have plenty of support. 

During this event, we will talk briefly about the energy of spring and enjoy supported yoga postures to help you reconnect with your body and reclaim your nervous system. If you’ve been feeling ragged or overwhelmed, this workshop is a great chance to recoup your energy and reconnect. Register online through Studio 34 Yoga.

Have any questions? Want some support? Reach out. I’m happy to help you figure out if I’m the best fit for what you’re wanting this spring.

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