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Finding rest in wintertime.

Happy Solar New Year Friends! January 1st marks the beginning of a brand new cycle of the year and a new beginning. 

In Chinese Medicine philosophy, the real fresh start comes at Lunar New Year (February 10th this year) the official start of spring.

Winter, which is still very much in-season, is a great time to hunker down, to allow yourself the space to drift and daydream, while storing up your energy for spring. 

If you’re feeling unsure about what you want to manifest in 2024, and not ready to make a resolution or commitment, no worries! 

Use the remainder of this winter to reconnect with yourself and imagine what qualities you want to bring into your next cycle of growth.

We will be discussing how to make the most of winter during my upcoming workshop “Rest and Restore: Winter Restorative Yoga Workshop.” 

If you are wanting to better embody a healthy relationship with wintertime, this workshop is for you. The first session on 1/5/24 is full, but there is still space on 1/12/24. If “embodying” winter sounds horrific to you, that’s all the more reason to register!

May this winter continue to nourish you from the inside out, so that you may reawaken this spring!

If you’re struggling with seasonal depression and the lack of light, acupuncture can help you realign and find more ease. Reach out to discuss how I can help you. I offer free 15-20 minute phone consults so that you can feel a little more comfortable coming in to see me for a session. 

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