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Revitalize and Renew: Find Your Focus this Spring!

I spent most of the month of February in a one-month 108-hour Restorative Yoga Training online. In the weeks leading up to the training I was, at times, incredibly nervous about what I perceived I had taken on. 

Thoughts like “I do not have an extra 20 hours a week! How will I do it?!?” kept creeping up. But after I entered the training and actually began, I found the process incredibly relaxing. 

Even weirdly relaxing as I wasn’t expecting the extra time commitment to help me down-regulate my nervous system and settle in. I actually felt so nourished that I cried on zoom several times. (And zoom is convenient but not generally my favorite “place” to be.) 

Though my February was technically more in terms of hours and commitment, I felt incredibly held by the container that my teacher Jillian Pransky created. We were encouraged to come and go as we needed, turn cameras off and on as we needed, show up live or watch the recording as needed; basically we were invited and reminded at the start of every single session to care for ourselves.

I realized in the first few days that what I loved about the training (other than the content, other than the teacher, other than the container) was that it gave me a simple and single-focused purpose for that defined period of time. The invitation of those four weeks was to immerse myself in the study of the nervous system, of rest and digest, of coming back home and landing in my seat on this planet again and again. 

My invitation to you, if you’ve felt scattered or daunted by how many to-dos there are looming, is to offer yourself a single-minded focus for these first few weeks of spring. Maybe it’s an activity you want to focus on (yoga, running, eating 5 different vegetables daily) or maybe it’s a quality of the heart (ease, surrender, joy) that you want to bring into your life.

You don’t have to enroll in a fancy structure or training to create a beautiful container for yourself. Once you decide on a focus, invite yourself to stick with it for this month of March. Remember why you want to do what you are doing and keep coming home to that reality again and again.

Feel your feet on the ground, feel your sit bones meeting your chair. Find the support beneath and even behind you. Remember your connection to what you really want and why you want it.

If you’re feeling stuck in creating a structure of support for yourself, consider scheduling a Telemedicine Strategy Session* with me. We will meet online for 30-minutes in a HIPAA-complaint platform and talk through what you’re wanting and why then we will make a plan on how to start that process for yourself.

If you’re wanting to harness the power of deep relaxation and rest, consider registering for my Spring restorative yoga session at Studio 34. Two dates (Friday evenings 3/22 and 4/12) are available (same workshop, on different days), and these sessions generally fill weeks ahead of time so secure your spot today. 

The workshop will feature a brief talk about the energy of spring then we will find gentle supported postures to help us attune to the energy of rebirth and renewal.These workshops are the culmination of my training in acupuncture and yoga united together and I love sharing this embodied seasonal wisdom with you.

*Hi friends, just a note that Telemedicine sessions are only available to people who are physically located in the state of Pennsylvania while talking with me. I am licensed in PA and not in NY or neighboring states so you do need to be in PA to complete a Telemedicine session.

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