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Soften Your Grip to Find Peace.

Monica Fauble, Licensed Acupuncturist, Philadelphia, PA

Happy summer.

In Chinese Medicine philosophy, summer is associated with the fire element and the heart. The heart’s associated virtue (highest potential) is Li.

Li is often translated as propriety (as in appropriateness) but I’ve also heard it described as a deep politeness or as a reverence for life.

I think of Li as letting go of self-clinging, a deep humility, a sacrificial bow, and a willingness to engage with life as it is.

When we open our hearts and are willing to let them unclog, we have the opportunity to find peace. When we say ok rather than struggling against, trying to change or trying to cling to whatever is going on around us, we can remain in our own contentment (or at least our own curiosity) no matter what.

It’s not always easy to say ok to life but the resistance makes the struggle worse. I’m not talking about despair or resignation or not taking the time to honestly examine how you can grow and improve. I’m talking about active surrender and a deep engagement with life.

This summer, I invite you to soften your heart. To not grip so tightly to your own point of view, to get curious and to explore how others might feel. If we all softened our hearts even 2-4% life would be much gentler and more connected for us all.

Wishing you the sun’s illumination and the burning away of all misguided beliefs.

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