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What Acupuncture With Monica Stands For

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Pulse Taking Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
The Anicent Art of Pulse Taking in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

I periodically review my website, reflect on my vision for my business, and participate in small business coaching. It’s always helpful to pause, check in, refresh your commitment, and realign with yourself and what you’re offering.

During a recent coaching session (with a new coach), I was asked the name of my business. When I replied “Acupuncture with Monica,” the coach repeated back “Acupuncture by Monica.”

“With!” I said. “WITH Monica!” It’s a small but essential correction.

“Acupuncture BY Monica” is all about me doing something TO you. And, believe me, I’ve had so many experiences of doctors or providers contributing to a sense of disembodiment as they tamper with my health that I have zero interest in doing anything TO you. (And, in fact, the thought of me doing something TO you makes me feel a little queasy/ill.)

“Acupuncture WITH Monica,” by contrast, is a partnership. We’re doing it together.

And in this collaborative approach, your needs and your values are front and center; which is super essential for me and for my vision of my business.

When I originally named my business, I wanted something straightforward and easy to remember. I was also clear that I didn’t want to hire other practitioners or build an empire.

As a classmate at the time told me, if I stuck with the name “Acupuncture with Monica,” I would be stuck only hiring people named “Monica.” This was totally ok with me since I knew that I wanted to work solo.

The biggest reason that I immediately opened my own business after graduation, rather than working for someone else, is because I was clear that I wanted every teeny tiny thing in my business, from my logo to my website to the entrance of my office, and, of course, the treatments themselves, to reflect my values and who I am.

Hence the Monica-ness of my business. From purple fonts (on my website) to lush green walls (in Center City) and my clip art bird with heart wings logo, what you get is truly an experience of being with me.

I am my own brand and I take excellent care of myself because I know that you need and deserve the best care.

I’ve experienced my own share of healthcare experiences, starting intensively at age 10 when I developed a super strange and rare autoimmune disorder that took 2 or 3 years to even diagnose.

Over the years I’ve had some magical and affirming healthcare interactions but, unfortunately (or fortunately since I allowed those experiences to perpetuate my own learning and growth), I’ve had some sad, angering, triggering and utterly dehumanizing healthcare interactions as well.

Not all of these not great times were in “Western” Medicine either. An overzealous “holistic” practitioner can be perhaps well-intentioned but harmful as well.

All of those cumulative Monica experiences have allowed me to be super clear and super committed in offering you thoughtful and compassionate care that starts from identifying your goals, your wants, your vision for your healthiest and juiciest life.

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, autoimmune or GI disorders, or lingering health concerns that just will not resolve, consider reaching out to talk more with me about how acupuncture can help you recover your health. I offer free consults by phone so that we can figure out if I’m a good fit before you commit to coming in.

Live out of town or have no interest in needles? No problem! I continue to offer telemedicine coaching sessions on a HIPAA-compliant platform in thirty minute increments for just $45.

During these telemedicine sessions, we can troubleshoot health challenges through the lens of lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, or even mindset shifts that will help you make the adjustments you need to make in order to revitalize your health.

I’m also happy to serve as an accountability buddy, in either in-person acupuncture or telemedicine, so that you can feel inspired to stay committed to your goals.

If you’re wanting whole-hearted support that will never ask you to even consider overriding your values or wants, consider reaching out to me to see how I can help.

I’m happy to be able to offer healthcare that is truly integrated. You shouldn’t have to set aside your feelings or push through discomfort to receive the best care.

My practice provides a safe and supportive environment in which you can recover your health and reclaim your well-being. Reach out today, or forward this message to a friend. I feel fortunate to be in connection with you.

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