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You Can Do It Too. Seasonal Acupuncture Wisdom to Help You Get Your Health Back.

Monica Fauble, Licensed Acupuncturist, Philadelphia, PA wearing a mustard yellow scarf in a room painted red and decorated with gold tinsel.

Visiting a new doctor is not my favorite thing. And that’s not something I like to admit, (because I sincerely wish that my past medical experiences not so unpleasant that they caused me to have some fear about finding new providers), but that’s honestly where I’m at at this time.  

When I visited a new dermatologist a few weeks ago for a preventive skin cancer screening (my first skin cancer screening, probably overdue considering my pale skin and freckles) I was actually sweating by the time I saw the provider. 

I have only been to a dermatologist one other time and it was memorably squeamish and teeth-gritting for me. When that provider reviewed my health history and I named my rare autoimmune disorder she actually said out loud, “Wow, that’s cool! I’ve never actually seen that before. Do you mind if I bring in some residents?” 

Though I theoretically want to help “advance” science, I said a firm (and annoyed) “No.” She then asked again which made me reconfirm that yes, indeed, I am saying No!

This time, I chose a provider at a small practice that I was hoping would be more low key. And I had a great experience. No concerns and a reminder to wear sunblock of any variety that worked well for me of at least SPF 30. It was straightforward but friendly. 

I was overjoyed (and surprised?) by how easy it was, and so grateful to have found another great provider for routine checks and in case I should need additional care. 

We’re starting to come out of winter and will soon mobilize towards spring. February 10th is Lunar New Year–the return of the sun and the birth of a brand new cycle.

Winter is the season of fear and the unknown in Chinese Medicine theory. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s contracted. It can be fairly intense and that is nature by design. 

Nature helps us learn how to be ok while working in the darkness, in the unknown. We cannot always forsee what will happen next. In the case of me picking a new healthcare provider, we can read the google reviews and do our due diligence but we can’t guarantee that we will have a great experience. 

Life is by its nature uncertain and it saves us lots of worry and pain when we are willing to face that. The more we struggle to control our experience, the greater the force of the undertow.

If there is something that’s been scaring you, but that you know you need to do, this is a great time of year to mobilize yourself. Spring has a natural upward-flowing energy so this is a perfect time of year to get clear on what you’re scared of and to take steps towards it anyways. 

If your nervous system is feeling ragged as we move from winter to spring, or if the start of 2023 was rough and you’re wanting to start over again, acupuncture can help you realign and reset as we begin another cycle of our very sacred lives.

If you've been considering acupuncture, or have been considering referring a dear friend to acupuncture, check out this brand new "quick start" page on my website. This page will help you get started and learn what makes my practice unique.

If you know you’re not feeling well, acupuncture can help you along the road to recovering your wellbeing. Check out this google review that highlights how I can help you both emotionally and physically. 

“Monica is an amazing acupuncturist. She is kind, professional, and offered me so much emotional support during my health journey. I quite frankly could have died if I had not started seeing Monica last summer. When I first started seeing Monica I was suffering from severe Ulcerative Colitis and could not get an appointment with my gastroenterologist for 7 months. After my second time seeing Monica she checked my pulse and urged me to get blood work done because she sensed my bleeding was causing severe anemia. I listened to her and had the blood work done. My hemoglobin was at a 5.3 (normal is around 14) and I had a symptomatic heart murmur. If I had not started seeing Monica there is a good chance I would have suffered a heart attack or stroke at 21 years old. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule I can no longer meet with Monica but I look forward to continuing acupuncture with Monica when my work schedule permits.” 


Though I may not always have wonderful personal experiences with medical doctors, I will absolutely encourage you to take care of yourself and to seek out additional medical care as needed. And because each one of you is important to me, I will continue to model and lean into my own self-care process as well. 

May we all be a little bit braver this winter/spring. May we move towards the light and reimagine what our hearts desire.

May you be peaceful, happy, and free.


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